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Jack Voorheis, mentor for purpose driven entrepreneurs

Turn Your Purpose and Passion into Profits and Prosperity.

Want the personal and financial fulfillment that makes you fall in love with your business over and over again?

I help entrepreneurs like you, design your own perfect business formula.

My lifetime of being an entrepreneur has taught me to be uncompromising. Starting with a compromised plan can have devastating consequences.


“I believe that if everyone did what they were called to do

and did it well, the world would be a better, happier place”.

The Perfect Business Podcast is NOW LIVE!

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Join Jack on this unique podcast. As a matter of fact it maybe a stretch for those who are used to business as usual. Listeners who haven’t found how to bring purpose into their entrepreneurship, might find themselves thinking, who the heck is this guy? He speaks more to spiritual business practices than about capitalism.

You see Jack feels that who we are and how we make our living should be one in the same. “We should take our business personally” he says.

Understand that for decades Jack had been very successful without being successful. Which means he knows what it is like to have huge financial successes  that did not translate into personal fulfillment.

Want to have a business you love and loves you back?  Want to make a positive contribution to the world and get handsomely rewarded for it? Are you a creator (trick question, you are)? Then  this podcast is for you.

Jack  is my business mentor, he probably isn’t even aware his extent of influence he has had on my life. His kindness and compassion has reached into my heart.

Colleen Brnabic

Jack is a has given me direction not only to grown my adventure company, but to changed my life. His insight is what every entrepreneur needs.

Daniel Callahan

Jack’s mind works like a genius. He has always stirs a honest admiration of everyone that comes in contact with him. Jack has a love for life that inspires me.

David Potrzuski


Jack showed me how to market the gifts of who I am and turn my passion into a thriving online presence that makes an impact in the way people live. 

Krystal Lynn Hohn DC

Jack Voorheis Eyes

If you could but see yourself through my eyes, you would know you have God like qualities. You would never give a moments consideration to settling for mediocrity and would have the courage to live and be your truth.You were created by a creator with the inherent ability to create. Your body is built to create on a cellular level. Your mind is a magnificent tool to tap into that place in your heart where your spiritual nature of creation sits. I know my impact on other creators is the only currency the really matters.


Jack Voorheis is a highly sought-after entrepreneurial business advisor who is religious about helping people craft a business that provides them an uncompromisingly purposeful life. Known for his “Say it like it is” approach, Jack combines life-empowering principles with the leverage of your unique value proposition. Jack will show you how to create a business that you’ll love and that loves you back.



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As a fifth generation entrepreneur who started his first business at age nine, Jack has business in his DNA. If there is one thing he knows for sure, it is to not sign up for other people’s plans for your life. Your most valuable business asset is honoring the truth of who you are. 


Addressing the a group of entrepreneurs on how to start a nontraditional business.


Jack has a lifetime of

entrepreneurial experience.

As a fifth generation entrepreneur,

business is in his DNA.

The Perfect Business Formula
Design a Business to Give Yourself an Uncompromising Purposeful Life.